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Couch Fest Films proudly announces the 6th annual Couch Fest Film Festival to be held in November in houses and alternative locations around the world all on the same day.

Couch Fest Films is not an online event or a broadcast event. We are a film festival that replaces traditional theater venues with cozy residential venues and alternative locations.

Plans for 2014:

  Gobs of Smarty Pants Festival Attendees

50 Exlusive International Locations (2,500 attendees)
20 Alternative Locations (5000 attendees)

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Because our festival will be hosted worldwide, this is a great opportunity to reach an audience in progressive cities and communities around the world.

Watching short films in strangers' houses = AWKWARDLY AWESOME!

2014 Sponsorship Brochure

Our film festival offers unique and creative sponsorship opportunities to match our forward-thinking audience and insanely creative filmmakers.

Here we humbly brag about 2012:

Previous Locations:
10 host venues in Iceland
     Including The National Opera House, Hostels and on a boat!!
30 international host venues
     In a Castle, a speakeasy and in many galleries
Multiple countries including:
     France, Germany, Haiti, Oman, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, USA, and UK.

Press Highlights from 2012:
MovieMaker Magazine's Top 5 Shorts Film Fests in the World
Interview with
Ice News
Reykjavik International Film Festival News
Live Interview with Sacramento News

Current Site Traffic:
120K site visits
317K page impressions


You are about to make a wise choice to be a part of a unique, original, and worldwide film festival...

Maybe you have questions? Maybe you have a marketing plan that your boss won't approve. Well, you should contact us.



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