Couchfest Films 2012--YO!

This page contains our original press release for Couch Fest Films 2012, list of accepted films so far for 2012, high resolution film stills, and promotional images for Couch Fest Films.

Event photos from Couch Fest Films from last year in 2011 can bee seen here.


For Immediate Release
July 16th, 2013
Contact: Craig Downing, Director, Couch Fest Film Festival

Migrating, Sabbaticals, and Philanthropy

Hey Fellow Film Addicts!

Someone tried telling us it was already July. What Liars!  Wait... Frizzle frazzle. It is July!!  
It looks like it's high time for some exclusive top level updates, peeps.

The Couch Fest Films base camp is moving our basecamp back to Seattle.  We have capped out the Internet data plans in all the cafes here in Reykjavik, Iceland. So, it's time to migrate our feisty base camp to another local.  While our scrappy team works from around the world, our top brass will be moving back to Seattle.

Couch Fest Films is seeking Philanthropy.  That's a fancy way of saying we are looking for more cashola.  Yep.  So, in preparation for thisyear's fest in 2014, we will be securing resources from deep-pocketed smarty pants who are wise enough to support our program of delivering award-winning films at cozy and unique locations around the world.  If you have any hot leads, send them our way.

Couch Fest Films will keep you posted.  We love sharing. So, yes, our press office in Seattle will keep you posted with calculated and classified leaks from our board members' meetings. For example, we have a pile of Couch Fest Films shirts we still want to sell, we will continue to post previous winning films as they come online, and we have ambitious plans for some crowd funding drives.  

So, cosmic chest thumps and we'll definitely be in touch! 

Hella sincerely,

Couch Fest Films Official Senior Press Officer


List of Accepted Films For Couch Fest Films 2012

Title Director Country
36 Juanfer Andres Spain
13 Related Sewing Machines Andreas Fock Sweden
20S Mario Rico Spain
A Finger, Two Dots Then Me David and Daniel Holechek USA
A Kindness E. Jane Thompson Canada
Aquadettes Drea Cooper USA
Bajo La Almohada Isabel Herguera Spain
BEAR Nash Edgerton Australia
Brad and Gary Pierre Coffin France
Cassini Mission Christopher Abbass USA
Flatmates 3.0 Francesco Marisei Spain
Forced Entry Joe Jacobs USA
Funny Web Cam Effects Nestor F. Spain
Hellion Kat Candler USA
Hello Caller Andrew Putschoegl USA
Incubator Jimm Weber USA
Intermezzo Norbert Pfaffenbichler USA
Jim & Frank Tony Borden USA
Lack of Evidence Hayoun Kwon France
Libertas Megan Wonowidjoyo Singapore
Life and Stuff Kumar Satkunarasa UK
Little Plastic Figure Samo-Sama Germany
Living Tiny Paul Meyers, Paul Donatelli. USA
Love Kaveh Nabatian Canada
Love Letter, Even if You Treat Me Bad Alfredo Covelli Italy
Margo Lily Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart Canada
Metro Jake Wyatt USA
Mulvar is Correct Candidate Patrick Desilets Canada
Parachute Martin Thibaudeau Canada
Peekabooo Damien Power Australia
PostHuman Cole Drumb USA
Score Lawrence Cote-Collins Canada
The Lady with the Lamp Duncan Cowles UK
The Maker Christopher Kezelos Australia
The Pub Joseph Pierce UK
The Queen of My Dreams Fawzia Mirza USA
The Whale Story Tess Martin USA
Thumb Snatchers from the Moon Cocoon Brad Schaffer USA
To R.P. Salazar with Love The Rauch Brothers USA
Voice Over Martin Rosete Spain
We Refuse to be Cold Alexander Carson Canada

click image for high resolution version:

photos courtesy of Kyle Johnson

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